Zaw One (ေဇာ္၀မ္း)

Zaw One

Zaw One (actor, singer)

Zaw One (Burmese: ေဇာ္၀င္း;born Thaung Dan; 17 July 1945 – 12 August 2009) was a Burmese actor and singer. He was famous as Thingyan Minthar Gyi in Myanmar. Zaw One was born Thaung Dan on 17 July 1945, in Mandalay, son of Mya Mya and “Taingchit” Thakin Thein Pe. He attended Taingchit High School in Mandalay. He received singing lessons from Bo Kin, founder of the Moe Kaythi Amateur Band, and later sang with the band. He then studied acting with Shumawa U Kyaw, a famous director. Zaw One made many films. His first role was in Chwe Ka Lay So So, directed by Shumawa U Kyaw. The film Say Lo Yar Say made him famous. He was particularly famous for the film Thingyan Moe. He also made a few albums as a singer. Credit: Wiki

Chwe Ka Lay So So
Say Lo Yar Say
Thingyan Moe
Lu Ma Naw
Nay Htut Taw Nya
Ta Kha Ga Ta Bawa
Myitta Bon Tho Nit Khaund
Kyauntaw Nit Ko Ba Kyaw
Doe Nit Youk Nit Mi Nyein Chan
Be Thu Pyaing Lo Hla Ba Daw Naing
Kyaw Go Chit Ma La, Zaw Go Chit Ma La
Ngwe Yupa
Hot Shot (2)
Hot Shot (3)

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